A Grieving Mother’s Fury At Obama, Who Honors Immigrants and Ignores Dead Americans


Mendoza told Breitbart News that while Obama is eager to invite to the White House everyone from illegal alien college students to Ahmed Mohamed, the teen whose homemade clock was recently mistaken for a bomb—he refuses to so much as acknowledge the existence of the families that have been torn apart by illegal alien crime.

“My son was KILLED by an illegal alien,” Mendoza writes, “a senseless loss of an incredible son, officer of the law, friend to his community. Is that not worthy of some sort of acknowledgement from the President… even when I have written [to him] asking [for an acknowledgement]?” she asks. Mendoza has written to Obama but has received no response.

“As each day passes while he ignores our pleas,” Mendoza said, “I am feeling more and more that none of us or our children matter.”

“But Ahmed Mohamed gets a PERSONAL message from the President?” Mendoza asks.

Source: Breitbart

As Mendoza writes, “I think it’s about time OUR President invites us to the White House, to acknowledge our pain the policies of this country have brought to our lives, to look into our eyes and realize more grief stricken families will be joining us if the President doesn’t rethink the immigration problem we have.”

“It’s the total lack of empathy, concern or even simply a personal message from the President to us, that has so many of us wondering, WHY?”

There have been plenty of opportunities for the invitation, Mendoza told Breitbart News. “When I was in Washington D.C. in July for the Kate’s Law hearing and the Sanctuary City hearing, NONE of us parents were invited to the White House for the President to at least acknowledge we exist.”

“[It’s] funny,” Mendoza observed, “how everything [Obama promotes on social media] from immigrants, legal or not, [is them] telling him how wonderful life is in the U.S. I guess the negativity we [American victims of illegal alien crime] bring to light is not welcome.”




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