Germany Hands Out 150,000 Free Condoms To Migrants

The project is an attempt at tackling negative perceptions held by German citizens, who have already had enough. I don't think they're going about it the right way. After all, is it safer to hand out condoms or just stop welcoming people into the country who are sexually assaulting the citizens and spreading HIV?

Apparently, the idea of not allowing potentially hundreds of thousands of people who are infected with HIV and other diseases into the country in the first place didn’t cross the mind of German officials. According to studies, four out of ten people living in Europe diagnosed with HIV are migrants.

In addition, given the innumerable examples of migrants in Germany raping citizens, other migrants and children, the notion that they might not be too fussed about wearing condoms anyway wasn’t a consideration.

Germany is making sexual education a centerpiece of its migrant welcoming policies. No wonder the German citizens are upset. They're being laid out on a platter and offered up as a sexual buffet for migrants, whose entire culture revolves around it.






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