George Soros Warns His ‘Social Engineering’ and ‘Redistributive Policies’ are Threatened by ‘Fascist’ Trump

The man has a vision. You've got to give that to him. He also vigorously pursues that vision, even in his advancing years. When others his age are just watching television and visiting with friends, this guy remains very active, working tirelessly to achieve his goals.

At that point, we run out of positive things to say about George Soros. Given the menace he is to freedom, it would be a lot better for us all if he were to just sit in one of his mansions and watch Oprah or The View. Unfortunately, it would appear that until he draws his final breath, he is going to meddle in national and world affairs to advance his brand of global government.

Things have not gone George's way recently. Brexit was a step backward in his mind. And the defeat of his anointed candidate for US President, Hillary, obviously really chapped his backside. In fact, so incensed was the man at Hillary's defeat that he funded violent protests against Donald Trump's victory.

More on what Soros has to say about America's ‘reversal' on page two.

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