George Soros vs Donald Trump

At the latest Trump rally that took place in Chicago, things took a turn for the worst. The rally became the engineered event of globalist manipulation. Not only were there people chanting for Bernie while they began to push, shove and throw things, Weahter Underground domestic terrorist Bill Ayers was present protesting amongst liberals.

Because of the fact that Bernie Sanders has one of the worst globalist of them all, George Soros, backing his campaign, it couldn't be more obvious who was behind the violent protest.

Soros is notorious for creating zombie minded mobs of people, also known as his organizations, to do his biddings. It is so dangerous what Soros can accomplish that even Russia has completely banned all Soros organizations. As Truth and Action has reported, it is a “threat to the foundations of Russia’s Constitutional order and national security,” nipping the monster right in the bud. Read more bout Russia's law that has helped them do this, here.

Russia can't be blamed for wanting to get rid of Soros, and his destruction tactics. In a letter by Soros it has already been revealed that his globalist plan is focused on destroying nations from within by flooding them with refugees. Now, his organizations have managed to hault a Presidential front-runners campaign. If Soros has set out to stop any man attempting to dissolve his plans of an open border hell hole, he has taken aim at Trump. Read more about Soros' letter here.

The giant propaganda message that was seen at the violent Trump rally was all engineered. The video below explains how people like Soros manipulate the opinions of the public regarding Trump, and how everything is an organized event.

The Pope, the establishment, and even the GOP has something against Trump, and if the public continues to fall for these schemes the only thing that will be accomplished is the “agenda of people high jacking our country.”





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