George Soros vs Donald Trump

George Soros vs Donald Trump

Straight from CNN came the recent breaking news of violence ensuing from a crowd of protesters that attended a Trump rally in Chicago; the goal of these protesters was to cause a disruption.

It is clear in the video shown on the next page just how CNN chose to manipulate this situation to blame the violence on Trump. The reporter can be heard saying, we don’t know if it is Trump supporters or protesters being arrested, failing to mention the fact that these protesters are not just simple anti-Trump protesters, but they are there chanting Bernie! Bernie!

But CNN is not the only one with blood on their hands, explains AM TV, describing how these leftist liberals who recently became violent at the Trump rally in Chicago, are being supported by organizations like George Soros and groups like — groups that ask for three dollar donations to disrupt Trump’s campaign.

Since Trump threatens chances of the globalist’s agenda from expanding into their beloved devil baby, Soros is going to hit Trump with all he’s got.

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