George Soros Gets Run Out of Hungary

George Soros Gets Run Out of Hungary

When it comes to the global elite, few are as flagrantly pernicious as George Soros. While the notoriety surely feeds the man's god complex (Soros has openly declared that he is God), it has also put him in the crosshairs of entire nations.

Russia has banned Soros' organizations as a “threat to national security”.  Russia's Law On Undesirable Foreign Organizations ensures that Soros won't flood the nation with migrants, make vast changes to the structure of their government or change the countries electorate, just some of the things that Soros has successfully pulled off in other countries.

If only the US was so aggressive. Soros is unfettered in agenda to turn our country into a Marxist state. With efforts to destabilize the country by funding groups like Black Lives Matter and Antifa to operations to control our government with attacks on Trump, paying off RINOS and manipulating our electorate, it's high time that this man's subversive activities be stopped. An arrest warrant should indeed be issued  for the ‘father of all swamp creatures.'

The octopuses tentacles can indeed be cut and one has to look no further than the billionaires own native country for proof. Turn the page to see how Hungary has put Soros in retreat:

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