George Conway Plots Sabotage of President Trump’s Next Event

George Conway, husband to President Trump’s adviser, Kellyanne Conway, appears to be setting up President Trump’s next event so that attendance is minimized. He seems to have been inspired by Never Trumpers who claimed credit for a prank perpetrated on the Chinese-owned app TicTok, which they allegedly flooded the campaign with fake RSVPs so that expectations for Saturday’s rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma were inflated.

Conway has been anti-Trump for several years now. In an opt-ed for the Washington Post this month, he wrote:

It’s our problem, too, for now: We remain governed by a soulless man with a broken mind. The damage will continue, and it won’t stop until voters end it. Come November, it will be up to the eligible human population of this country to look to their souls, their consciences, their humanity — and to cast their votes for one of their own.

Turn the page to see what Conway seems to be plotting, as well as why he has emerged as a Never Trumper. That wasn’t always the case!



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