George Conway Plots Sabotage of President Trump’s Next Event

Never Trumper George Conway has penned some very outlandish things about our President and is well within his rights to do so. However, plotting to sabotage Trump’s event might put him in hot water.

One day after president’s critics took credit for a prank carried out on the Chinese app TikTok that they claim inflated expectations for Saturday’s rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Conway appears to be setting up the President’s next event to suffer the same fate.

The president is scheduled to speak at a Students for Trump event in Phoenix on Tuesday. However, Trump critics are seemingly hoping to bombard his upcoming campaign events by artificially inflating the numbers with fake RSVPs, much like what Trump critics say occurred on Saturday.

Conway, husband to President Donald Trump’s adviser, Kellyanne Conway, and a central figure behind the Never Trump super PAC The Lincoln Project, seemingly attempted to contribute to what Trump critics hope will continue as a trend throughout the campaign, sharing an article to his 1.2 million Twitter followers titled, “How to apply for tickets to President Trump’s Phoenix ‘Students for Trump’ event on June 23″:



A note on the registration page for the event asks individuals to only fill out the form if they plan on attending the June 23 event in person.

“What we have is a few adults who should know better, acting like children for a students’ event,” Turning Point Action’s Charlie Kirk told Breitbart News.

“Students deserve a right to hear from their president. It is disgusting certain people want to steer fake tickets to a student organization trying to facilitate a civic engagement event for the next generation, but this is the radical left,” he said.

“We also have a few adult tickets available as well and are optimistic that Arizona will rise up in support of our incredible president. We won’t let these Alinsky tactics get in the way of a what promises to be an amazing student event and victory in November,” Kirk added.

Why doesn’t Kellyanne Conway, divorce this numbskull? He wasn’t always a Never Trumper. Turn the page to see what might be going on here.



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