Fury in Arizona Over Accusations of Election Fraud

Fury in Arizona Over Accusations of Election Fraud

Both the Republican and Democrat parties are facing insurgent, outsider candidates, as perhaps neither party has ever before seen.  And Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders may have a lot more in common than just about anyone would expect them to.  While their policies differ, they both have extremely fervent supporters, and  their roles as outsiders are causing quite a stir in their respective parties.

Donald Trump remains the clear frontrunner in the GOP primary, and appears to be the only candidate realistically capable of winning the magical 1,237 delegates to avoid a contested convention.

On the Democratic side, socialist Senator Bernie Sanders–who technically wasn't even a Democrat until 2015–has gained enormous momentum following a string of recent primary victories that have him gaining on the once-inevitable nominee, Hillary Clinton.

In an election cycle already fraught with allegations of fraud, including accusations of tampered voting machine software, voters are now crying foul in March's Arizona Democratic Primary, which–you guessed it–went in favor of the establishment candidate, Hillary Clinton.

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