Fury in Arizona Over Accusations of Election Fraud

Despite the fact that with the Democratic Primary’s “superdelegate” system, the cards are already stacked in Hillary Clinton’s favor, the party may be resorting to even more audacious measures to make sure its golden girl gets the nomination.

Liberal publication, U.S. Uncut describes the scene at a recent hearing over Arizona’s Democratic Primary after thousands of voters claim they were unable to vote on election day:

The executive director of the Arizona Students’ Association shared the testimony of a student who had just come back from a one-year tour in the Army.

“I just spent a year laying down my life to protect the rights of Americans. I faced death every single day. One of the things I kept telling myself was “It was worth it.” … Yet the right that I looked at death over a year for was taken from me.”

“There were no parking spaces, no handicapped spots, and when I went back to my car I was afraid that I would get a parking ticket,” said another woman.

Citizens who showed up at the open hearing were angry and often unruly, as they felt their right to determine their party’s nominee was stolen from them.  The target of their fury was most often Helen Purcell, Maricopa County’s chief election official.

At another point, there was a confrontation between a protester and officers who attempted to remove him.

The tone of the election fraud hearing is summed up best by a citizen who said, “The corruption has become so prevalent, that you became comfortable, and you became so comfortable, that you became lazy, and you became so lazy, that you got caught. You (Purcell) are a snake in the grass and we see you!”

Whether this particular case in Arizona was an active attempt by the Democratic party to stave off Sanders’ momentum or not, it is clear that both parties have become desperate to protect their insider candidates.

Source: U.S. Uncut



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