Full List of Programs Trump Wants to Eliminate in Next Budget

Full List of Programs Trump Wants to Eliminate in Next Budget

Donald Trump's last budget got him in some heat with conservative voters. With his next one, he's looking not the make the same mistakes.

The last budget which passed earlier this month, was well received by Democrats. The bill was mostly a continuation of Obama's budget, with the addition of several billion dollars in defense spending. It didn't meaningfully cut anything — something that most people on the left considered a win, considering Trump's threats to shrink the government substantially under his administration.

But the party might not last long for the left. Soon, congress will have to pass an all-new budget, and Trump is planning cuts. A lot of cuts.

The new budget, combined with tax reform and the American Health Care Act, is aimed at simultaneously shrinking the budget and the burden placed on American taxpayers. Naysayers have argued that Trump's tax plan will expand the deficit considerably — but they didn't know the extent of Trump's proposed cuts.

Now that they've become public, Trump's financial plan seems to make a lot more sense.

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