Frenchman Stabs Self, Claims ISIS Was To Blame

A French stabbing “victim” who claimed to have come under attack by a knife-wielding ISIS supporter has now admitted that the entire attack was, in fact, a lie.

The wounds found on the man’s neck turned out to be self-inflected, officials say. Apparently, the man slashed his own neck then told authorities that they were the result of a brutal assault by a man shouting support for the international terrorist organization.

The purpose behind the bizarre lie remains unclear, but it seems officials are certain that ISIS had no involvement in the situation whatsoever.

This, of course, doesn’t diminish the international threat that ISIS poses across the European continent. Their constant calls to spill western blood across Europe remains as prominent as ever. In this case, however, the only blood spilled seemed to be at the hands of a singular lunatic, and the hands were his own.

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