Frenchman Stabs Self, Claims ISIS Was To Blame

After weeks of news reporting the constant parade of attacks at the hands of operatives within ISIS, at least one can now be confirmed as a hoax.

A kindergarten teacher who claimed he was stabbed in the neck at a school in Paris by a man acting in the name of ISIS has admitted he made up the story.

The 45-year-old teacher had said he was preparing for one of his classes when he was attacked by a masked man armed with a box cutter and scissors.

The teacher described how the attacker declared he was acting in the name of the brutal jihadi group ISIS and declared the attack was ‘a warning'.

However the local prosecutor confirmed the teacher had lied and had stabbed himself in the neck and side in his classroom in Aubervilliers, Seine-Saint-Denis.

What prompted the man to pretend to be the victim of ISIS violence remains unclear. Given what appears to be the mental state of the man in question, clarity on the matter may be asking a little too much.

Source: The Daily Mail


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