French Lose Their Country as Attacks Break Down Law and Order, Culture

Many of the violent attacks by migrants in France are rightly seen as assaults on French culture, something these terrorists are determined to see destroyed. The dereliction of French politicians and their subordinates in law enforcement are directly and primarily responsible for bringing their culture, way of life, and even legal system to an end.

These attacks are not isolated incidents, but are part of a carefully planned campaign to bring down nations.

Since this year there was registered attempted attacks every 9 days on average in Europe. made the analysis of the attacks and calculated the frequency of the attacks, which comes out as frequent as 9 days.

Countries targeted by terrorists:  Austria, France, United Kingdom, Belgium, Italy, Russia, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Turkey. This year there are already 52 people killed and almost 250 injured mostly by Islamic terrorists. And it only June, 6 more months to come. We provide the 2017 incidents list, keep in mind that we do not include attempted attacks.


The purpose here is to replace French culture with an Islamic one. Those remaining who are historically French with their unique lifestyles, religious practices, social and cultural norms, and legal protections will find themselves on the outside looking in.

They might live in a geographic location named France, and the Cathedral of Notre-Dame in Paris might still be standing, but these will simply be artifacts of a culture that exists only in the history books and in the memories of those diminishing numbers of elderly French who remember, with great sadness, the France that was truly French.

For a bit more on this tragedy, studying a portion of this video is instructive.

Source: Refugee Crisis in Europe



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