France Awards Highest Honor To American Heroes Who Prevented Train Attack

The four men who rushed to thwart the attack perpetrated by a 26-year-old Moroccan man were given high honors at the French President”s official resident.  According to NBC News, President Francois Hollande said,

“We are giving you the highest distinction of the country to show you how much we appreciate what you did,” Hollande said at the ceremony. “So this Legion d'Honneur is representative of your courage and also your incredible act of humanity … to save those also on the train.”

The train was traveling through Belgium when the attack occurred and Belgium's Prime Minister Charles Michel tweeted his praise, as well as, attended the ceremony.  He tweeted:

“Belgium is very grateful to you who have selflessly defended the lives & liberties of our citizens”

Each of these men have humbly accepted the accolades they rightly deserve, but as Stone said during the press conference at the U. S. ambassador's residence, “Everyone played their own part.”

There is so much more to the story.  Check it out here.



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