Former Sex Slave Implores United Nations To Wipe Out Islamic State

A religious movement that views rape and sex slaves as acceptable, even admirable, must be stopped.  ISIS, a radical Islamic sect, celebrates the rape of women and young girls, trading and selling “their property” for weapons or even cigerettes.

A young Yazidi girl boldy stood before the United Nations and gave graphically horrifying testimony of what she endured at the hands of ISIS, as well as, what other women and children are undergoing.

Nadia Murad Basee Taha explained:

Along the way, they humiliated us. They touched us and violated us. They took us to Mosul with more than 150 other Yazidi families. In a building, there were thousands of Yazidi families and children who were exchanged as gifts. One of these people came up to me. He wanted to take me. I looked down at the floor. I was absolutely petrified. When I looked up, I saw a huge man. He looked like a monster. I cried. I cried out, I said “I’m too young and you’re huge”. He hit me. He kicked me and beat me. And a few minutes later, another man came up to me. I still was looking at the floor. I saw that he was a little bit smaller. I begged him. I implored him for him to take me. I was incredibly scared of the first man. The man who took me asked me to change religion. I refused. Then, he asked for my hand in marriage, so to speak. That night he beat me. He asked me to take my clothes off. He put me in a room with the guards and then they proceeded to commit their crime until I fainted.

One YouTube user claims to know Arabic and has translated her full testimony:

For those who don’t understand Arabic, I have translated the content, maybe, this will make a difference…

“We, the women and children were taken by vehicles from the school to other areas, on the road, they humiliated us, and were touching us sexually, they took me to Al-Moussel (Iraqi city), with 150 more Yazidi women to another building, where thousands of other Yazidi women & children were being presented as Gifts.

One of their soldiers approached me and intended to take me, I was looking at the ground, horrified, and when I lifted up my head, I found a huge guy, like a giant beast, I cried and I cried, and I told him that I’m too small compared to you, yet he started to hit and kick me, moments later, another soldier approached, and I was still looking down the ground, and I saw he had smaller feet, so I begged him to take me, I was terrified that the other huge guy would take me instead.

The guy asked me to convert my religion, but I refused, then later he asked me for what they call “Marriage”, but I told him that I’m sick, most of the abducted women had their period out of fear, days have passed, and he forced me to put on some make up, and to dress up for him, and on that black night, he did it, he forced me to serve his men, and he humiliated me everyday, he forced me to wear clothes that would expose my body.

I couldn’t take the torture and the rape, so I decided to run away, but a guard was able to catch me, on that night, he hit me, and forced me to undress myself, then he put me in a single room with the guards, where they kept raping me until I passed out, 3 months later I was finally able to escape, and now I’m in Germany, who thankfully agreed to give me the medical treatment I needed, I’m not the only one who suffered, there were many others who suffered the same like I do” (some content was skipped for some reason on 3:03)

Continue: “Eliminate ISIS once and for all, I lived the pain they caused me, I saw their evil, all the human-trading criminals must be brought to justice, so women in Iraq, Syria, Somalia and Nigeria may live in peace, and all over the world, those crimes against women and their freedom must stop” Hope this helps those who don’t understand Arabic to see what Yazidi women are going through, and hope that heartless Zealot burn in hell…

Source: Youtube

Source: Breitbart



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