Former FBI Director James Kallstrom Warns That Patriots Have Revolution Planned

Former FBI Assistant Director James Kallstrom told Fox Business that the recent attacks against President Trump are hiding a much larger plan benefiting the One World Order.

Kallstrom believes that the “5th estate” working to obliterate President Trump are far more worried than they are letting on.

He added that the goal from the outset was to “destroy the presidency of the United States,” a claim backed up by the revelation that top anti-Trump FBI agents had settled on an “insurance policy,” namely the ‘Russian collusion’ investigation, to topple Trump if he defeated Hillary.

It is no secret that “a bunch of sycophants in the FBI” are One World Order shrills doing the biding of their global masters, not their country. What is shocking is Former FBI Assistant Director James Kallstrom astonishing prediction as to what is about to happen.

Head on over to the next page to hear him share with Fox Business what “patriots” in the FBI got planned to stop this coup against the President.




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