EXPLOSIVE: FBI Proof Hillary Clinton Sold U.S. to Russia for CASH

Sean Hannity tears apart Hillary Clinton and the real case of collusion involving both the Swamp Goddess herself and the Obama administration last night on his show.

On Tuesday night, Sean Hannity slammed the Clintons and the Obama administration over the new report that the FBI had gathered evidence that Russian corruption was behind the Uranium One deal and that it was tied to the Clinton Foundation.


Hannity explains it is our time to demand our government officials and the Justice Department hold these crooks accountable for trying to destroy our country for their financial gains.

Hannity then called on Special Counsel Robert Mueller and Congress to “stop wasting our time and our money” in trying to find collusion between Trump and Russia.

“You’ve been on this for a year. So far you haven’t presented one shred of evidence,” Hannity added, “except now, you can actually follow facts and evidence that we do have on the record.”

He also demanded Attorney General Jeff Sessions to do the same.

We need to make it loud and clear that President Trump will NOT be reelected unless he finds a way to light a fire under Jeff Sessions to get focused on locking her up! Give Sessions 24/7 bodyguards and heightened security and get going on this!

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