Former FBI Director: Comey, FBI Enabled Muslim Brotherhood to Infiltrate Every Level of the U.S. Government

Former Assistant FBI Director, James Kallstrom shared shocking information regarding the known ties between the FBI, American political elite, and the Muslim Brotherhood.

It’s obvious that anything connected to The Muslim Brotherhood infiltrating America is a horrible situation. However, the threat from this organization far exceeds the possibility of Sharia Law coming to America.

The Muslim Brotherhood holds far more political power than is attributed. This is not a mere terror organization threatening to blow-up buildings. They are a group historically connected to mobilizing citizens into accepting socialist regimes.

An excellent example of this is seen in Egypt and surprise, surprise the inner U.S. government was also playing a role.

James Kallstrom might have new evidence of this connection to share with the American public, but this is most certainly not an anomaly or a new development.

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