Former FBI Director: Comey, FBI Enabled Muslim Brotherhood to Infiltrate Every Level of the U.S. Government

Former FBI Assistant Director, James Kallstrom, recently shared in an interview with Fox News that the FBI has been allowing the Muslim Brotherhood to infiltrate every sector of the government.

Interviewer: “So take us back. What happened at the FBI to make it so political over the year. A lot of people talking about the Muslim Brotherhood as part of the issue here. What’s your take?”

Kallstrom: “I’ve spoken about that and a lot of people don’t want to hear this but right after 9/11 in my view Muller, who was then the director, sort of exquisite with care, which is actually a front group in my view, of the Muslim Brotherhood. And there is a lot of connections to the Muslim Brotherhood in the White House.

And the FBI really took away from the training materials of the FBI. The whole history of radical fundamentalism. I mean it would kinda be like okay we're not going to know anything about their habits or why they do things. It’s just nonsense.

How can agents investigate radical fundamentalist without knowing the whole history, where they’re coming from, what’s their mindset, and their tools for infiltrating the country?

Muller took away their tools to do that. He kept them away and Comey kept that up.

And basically this blanket of political correctness ties to at least one arm of the FBI. Really made it impossible for the FBI to protect America.”

Interviewer: “Why? I don't understand. Why?”

Kallstrom: “It would take all of the psychiatrist in the world to figure it out. Why and how the political elite went along with this is just really disgusting. It’s a conspiracy of numbness and stupidity that has really harmed the FBI’s ability to protect the United States of America.”

The psychological components involved are most certainly unknown. Yet, history does provide a possible answer as to the why.

Let's take a look at a bit of that history as well as see Kallstrom talk about the  Muslim Brotherhood's infiltration of our government on the next page:




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