Former Congressman: “On Monday, Obama, on his own, to go after guns. It’s war. Defy his executive actions. Time for civil disobedience.”

Obama Promises Gun Control

Obama states that he wants to eliminate “powerful assault weapons like those used in San Bernardino.” Only an ignoramus or a main stream media reporter would not know that “assault weapons” are no more powerful, and often less so, than standard hunting rifles. They are also used in criminal activities less than one percent of the time, with pistols being the preferred weapon of choice for criminals since they can be easily hidden. Additionally, only the uninformed or someone like Senator Diane Feinstein would not realize that the term “assault weapon” is nothing more than a marketing term and has nothing to do with a weapons capabilities. A folding stock or a pistol gripe on a rifle do not make it more lethal or dangerous, they just make it look “mean.” But Barack thinks that prohibiting such weapons will curb violence.

Finally, Obama wants to prohibit anyone who is on the “no-fly” list from obtaining a gun. The “no-fly” list is a a black box, with no oversight and no real way to appeal one's inclusion on it. People end up on the list because their name is confusingly similar to someone else. Senator Ted Kennedy was famously on the list, and once on, it is almost impossible to get off of it, because no one can tell you who put you on, or for what reason. Obama thinks that such an outrageous and capricious tracking system is an appropriate way to limit ones rights for gun ownership. That is patently stupid, even for this president. Yet at the same time, he is willing to roll out the red carpet for tens of thousands of Middle East Muslims that officials have said they cannot appropriately vet, and ISIS has said would be used to secretly insert Muslim jihadi into our nation.

It is no wonder that Walsh is calling for civil disobedience! It is outrageous and probably unconstitutional, but the compliant Democrats will refuse to challenge Obama because they also fear him and his willingness to punish anyone who opposes his will.

The Obama administration’s “imminent” announcement comes ahead of the January 12th State of the Union address. Obama’s executive actions would further his unilateral steps of gun control. CNN reports that White House spokesman Eric Schultz declined to comment on the timing or the content but said that Obama expected a set of recommendations on “unilateral action” to arrive on his desk at the beginning of 2016. “It is complicated,” Schultz said. “That’s why it’s taken some time for our policy folks, our lawyers, and our expects to work through this and see what’s possible.”

While the National Rifle Association declined comment to CNN on the Obama administration’s latest unilateral action on gun control, the NRA previously said Obama’s “gun control agenda was rejected by Congress. Now, he is doing what he always does when he doesn’t get his way, defying the will of the people and using executive action.”

Arguing that the current gun laws in California are Obama’s “wish list of gun control” the laws did not “prevent the San Bernardino attack.”

NRA spokeswoman Jennifer Baker said, “The fact is, the President’s gun control agenda will only make it harder for law-abiding citizens to exercise their right to self-defense.”

It is amazing how much damage Obama has done during his administration, and he has promised that he will continue to grind the nation in his last year in office. What the civil disobedience called for by Mr. Walsh would look like is anyone's guess, but once again, it will most certainly lead to citizens defying the law, hiding their weapons, and gaining disrespect for the laws and those who would enforce them. The irony is that all of that damage will have zero impact on the societal violence that Obama claims he wants to reign in.



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