Former Bush Official: 100% of Trump Supporters Are Racists

Former Bush Official: 100% of Trump Supporters Are Racists

The emergence of billionaire real estate developer Donald Trump as a political force and leader of a new America First movement has shaken traditional Republicans to their core.

First, they had to deal with the rise of the Tea Party, which brought a new core of activists into the GOP. Now with Trump in the White House, the party establishment is having a difficult time accepting the new reality, even while the GOP enjoys its greatest success since the days of Ronald Reagan.

What’s surprising is how the election of Donald Trump energized a new base of Republicans, many of whom previously voted Democrat or were part of the Silent Majority that lost faith in GOP leaders like John McCain and Mitt Romney.

The Never Trumpers were very vocal in their opposition to President Trump during his campaign for the presidency, and still speak out with an increasingly bitter tone. On the next page, find out the former Reagan and Bush official who appears to have gone completely around the bend.

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