Former Bush Official: 100% of Trump Supporters Are Racists

Bruce Bartlett first served as a domestic policy advisor to President Reagan, and then became was deputy assistant secretary for economic policy in the Treasury Department, a position he continued in during the administration of President George H.W. Bush.

After that, he worked in several conservative-oriented think tanks.

The 65-year old economic analyst has now experienced the pitfalls of social media. In a Facebook post on Tuesday, he labeled President Trump as a racist and then went after Trump supporters as well with a profane rant.

There is no longer any doubt–ALL (100%) of Trump supporters are racists. If you don’t like it, f**k you.”

Naturally, his post created a backlash in response, which led him in the land of lame excuses:

The only person I have called a racist is Donald Trump, for reasons that are well known and too numerous to list. I did say that all Trump supporters are racists, but I never named any names.”

Now he’s whining about an outpouring of attacks on him in return. But he’s widened and deepened the hole he’s dug by calling those who criticize him “pro-Trump scum.”

Not one to leave well enough alone, Bartlett’s feeble attempt at an explanation just made him look more ridiculous.

I did not say all Trump VOTERS are racists, nor did I even imply that all Republicans are racists,” wrote Bartlett. “What I said is that all Trump SUPPORTERS are racists. That means the people who support Trump now, today, after all his horrible racist statements and actions. Those people are racists.”

Ordinarily, Democrats are the folks most prone to play the race card. But it’s clearly losing its punch over time as more and more Americans see through the childish name-calling. Bartlett’s dealt himself a losing hand, and is too blinded by Trump Derangement Syndrome to understand what a fool he’s become.

Source: Infowars



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