Former Al-Qaeda: There Will Be A Terrorist Attack on American Soil Within Next Two Weeks

Megan Kelly of Fox News had Morten Storm, former Al Quada terrorist turned double agent, on to describe why he believes America will have an attack in two weeks.

“I believe that within the next two weeks, we will have an attack.” He added: “The people who are on the run at the moment from ISIS in Europe are very desperate, and they know their time’s up, and they will need to do as much damage as possible.”

Terrorist want to make people afraid to live their normal lives.  This is part of the Koran, to utilize terror, described Storm.

“It is permissible [under Islam], if it serves the cause, to kill women, children and babies.”

“No this is in the book…this is Prophet Muhammad,” Storm replied. He then noted that the Quran instructs followers to “Fight them [the infidel] until there is no more Fitnah, disbeliever” so that “religion alone will be for Allah.”

Storm does not see how we can make peace with these people, as long as they believe in the Quran.

Source: Western Journalism



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