#FlushTarget Campaign Against 75 Target Stores Mobilizes

#FlushTarget Campaign Against 75 Target Stores Mobilizes

Financial backlash is just one of the consequences facing Target due to the transgender bathroom policy.  The pubic is holding its ground in their boycott and it is affecting Target's bottom line and the fight is on-going.

Boycotting can be a very powerful weapon in a free market economy, declared Truth and Action.  Voting with your feet — and your wallet — by refusing to pay for a company’s goods or services has long been a persuasive tool of citizens in capitalist societies.  Consumers have boycotted businesses for everything from political views held by the company’s CEO, to where a company manufactures its products, to the corporation’s policies towards its employees or its patrons.

One movement that is gaining traction is #FlushTarget.  Their website states that the opposition to the Target policy is not against transgender persons, but rather a stand against sexual predators, who will, in fact, use this policy to harm women and children.

Read more about the #FlushTarget and view the video on the following page.

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