FLASHBACK: Bloomberg is Ready to Throw His Hat in the Ring for a Chance to Duke It Out With Trump

FLASHBACK: Bloomberg is Ready to Throw His Hat in the Ring for a Chance to Duke It Out With Trump

Here’s a blast from the past!

And this one won’t be followed by “Live from New York…it’s Saturday Night!”

Former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg had announced in January of 2016 that he was anticipating taking a run for the presidency.  He had put out his feelers and found that there was a chance that he would be a viable candidate.  Pointing to the popularity of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders as outliers, he made it sound as if he was somehow the same:  an outsider in the political realm who possessed mass appeal and human decency.  He failed to make the first important connection that Bernie Sanders was not an outlier.  In fact, if you could describe Bloomberg himself in one word, it certainly wouldn’t be outsider.  This is a man whose billions have been poured into Queen Michelle’s pet initiative of childhood obesity by limiting the amount of soda that could be sold by a New York City vendor in any one sale.  He also poured billions in anti-gun movements, organizations, and attempted to manipulate legislation throughout the United States in special ballots in many states.

To put it bluntly, the man is not your average, everyday Joe, looking to rock the political boat.  He is a dyed-in-the-wool Liberal and  former RINO who had the cajones to actually jump parties and go over to the Dark Side.  So, I guess if you had to give him high marks, it would be for follow-through.  But as far as being mainstream, you could say he’s about as mainstream as they come…if we’re talking Leftist.  And we are.

Bloomberg, 73, has said he would be willing to spend at least $1billion of his own money on a campaign, according to sources who spoke to The New York Times.

A billion dollars!  And while Hillary herself spent over $100M when all was said and done, it sort of makes you wonder why it only took Donald Trump $100K of his own cash to take the presidency away from the one to which it was promised by the Democrats.  After all, when you’ve bought and paid for voters in every state through the efforts of people like George Soros, one would believe the office of the presidency was “in the bag.”

Former Pennsylvania Governor and Philadelphia Mayor Ed Rendell begged to differ, however, that Bloomberg would have any chance to make a dent if it appeared that Hillary was going to get into the race.  For more interesting asides, considering that retrospectively, it is almost laughable to read their “political insight” at the time, read on…

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