Feminist Café Charging 18% ‘Penis Tax’ to Male Patrons

Feminist Café Charging 18% ‘Penis Tax’ to Male Patrons

Feminist women seem to have something of a self-esteem problem. They just can’t seem to find themselves beautiful or worthy of a chivalrous gentleman.

Meet Alex O'Brien a self-described “feminist, not the fun kind”, and the owner of the Handsome Her Café. You’d be hard pressed to find any handsome men loitering around her cafe though these days. Just feminist dykes. That is because she hates men. Now, this might seem a bit harsh. But, let’s keep in mind these are the rules of liberal activism. If someone is perceived to discriminate or doesn't agree with you than they are hateful bigots.

Alex is making headlines over her new anti-men campaign. The crazy thing is that as ludicrous as this all is going to sound, this is where feminism is today. You might soon be seeing this in every liberal city or town.

So, strap on that invisible knapsack and head over to the next page to see what kind of world this delusional feminist thinks she is living in and what might happen to you if you ever happen to stumble into her café

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