Feminist Café Charging 18% ‘Penis Tax’ to Male Patrons

A feminist owned Melbourne cafe is introducing a ‘penis tax’ on its male customers (male to female pre-op transgenders get a hall pass or is this liberal angel letting her hypocritical bias show?) and offers priority seating to women. This is to demonstrate how gender equality showed look in Western countries. Yes, Western countries. Don’t be silly. We all know feminism is just for privileged women with no real problems in 1st world countries.

The Handsome Her cafe wants to do its part to fight the gender pay gap, and is charging male customers 18 percent tax.

Let's look into this so-called pay gap. First the liberal argument then the sanity rebuttal.

Alex O'Brian, feminist, café owner, man hater, and victim of the liberal agenda,

The 18 percent figure comes from a 2016 Australian government Workplace Gender Equality Agency report which showed women in Australia earn 82 percent of what men do on a yearly basis.

“I had a woman bring her daughters in today and when she came up to the till and saw our gorgeous vulva stones and our period sticker packs she beamed, thanked us for what we were doing and said ‘what a beautiful place to take my daughters,’”O’Brien wrote on Facebook. “We’ve had men travel across town to visit us and pay ‘the man tax’ and throw some extra in the donation jar – guys, you’re pretty neat.”

Key takeaways:

  • Feminist dykes like to hang out with gay men and support each others businesses.
  • Felt validated that a crazy lady and her innocent kids “saw our gorgeous vulva stones”. Made her feel better about her own presumably female parts.
  • Alex is still a child and has to get a sticker and affirmation that she is a good girl every time she gets her period.
  • Male patrons couldn't tell she or any of the staff were ladies and kept calling them guys.

The rebuttal, and yes is the man I'm choosing to represent the other side slightly ironic considering he is a gay man himself?  Maybe IF I was playing linear politics instead of just finding a great resource to present the opposing viewpoint.

Milo Yiannopoulos everybody,

Key takeaways:

  • The wage gap doesn't exist. There is a difference between wages AND earnings. When you hear the term “wage gap” never misinterpret that to mean earnings.
  • Men tend to work more than women. Consequently, they bring home higher EARNINGS.
  • It is illegal in every modern Western country to pay women less than men. And quite frankly it almost never happens today.

Like this guy named Danny on Twitter says,

Source: RT



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