Feds Unleash Torrent of Gun-Related Bills and Actions; President Trump Has Better Ideas

Gun control laws are beset with numerous problems. To begin with, they infringe on rights guaranteed by the Second Amendment. Liberals, in their eternal crusade to interpret the Constitution figuratively on all matters except those important to them, don't see this as a problem. In the extreme, they claim that right to keep and bear arms was guaranteed to members of the militia — a group they claim no longer exists. This is a stupid position easily dismissed by reading what the founders meant. But that would expand the scope of the Second Amendment, and thus must be attacked by the left.

And they don't work. Check out Chicago with its aggressive gun laws and left-wing administration. Walk down a street at night, confident that you will not be accosted by a thug with a gun. Not possible.

Gun control laws are not only useless in reducing crime, but are dangerous in that they prevent peaceful citizens from protecting themselves and others.

Enough of the theory. Here's what's happening, first from the Free Beacon.

The federal government is currently considering four major gun-related actions dealing with the gun-background check system, bump-fire stocks, silencers, and gun-carry reciprocity, which have significant support.

Three pieces of legislation are currently pending in Congress, two in the Senate, and one in the House, that deal with fixing holes in the gun-background check system, gun-carry reciprocity, silencer law reform, and interstate travel with firearms. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives is also currently considering whether or not to reverse its 2010 classification of bump-fire stocks as firearms accessories, which are not subject to federal firearms regulations. There are many other pieces of legislation that have been introduced but have little to no chance of coming up for a vote in either house of Congress, let alone passing.

Would any of these pieces of legislation have prevented the Florida massacre? Of course not. More importantly, will they reduce the possibility of future such tragedies? Not very likely. Part of this is a result of the aforementioned compulsion on the part of the left to initiate laws and regulations to restrict freedom as the solution to most any problem.

There is one law that has bi-partisan support. That doesn't automatically make it good, it just means it needs to be looked over since it has a better chance of passing.

The Fix NICS Act, however, passed the House in December 2017 and enjoys wide bipartisan support. The bill is a direct response to the Texas church shooting in November 2017, where the shooter was able to buy guns despite being prohibited from doing so because the Air Force failed to share his criminal record with the FBI's background check system. It would institute a number of financial incentives for providing all of the disqualifying records to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) that each state or federal agency is already supposed to submit under current law and withhold bonus pay from political appointees at federal agencies that don't fully comply.

The bill has garnered support from both sides of the gun debate with the National Rifle Association and many gun control groups publicly supporting the effort. Though it has yet to be scheduled for a vote in the Senate, Majority Whip John Cornyn (R., Texas) has publicly called for a vote “as soon as possible.”

There are also some proposed pieces of legislation that would actually strengthen protections for gun owners. We shall see how they do in the current environment.

We can expect the liberal Guardian to push the gun-control agenda. And it did not disappoint as it attacked President Trump's plans.

A day after high school students lay on the ground in the streets in front of the White House, asking “Am I next?” the White House has signaled support for two of the smallest possible steps forward on gun control.

Newly-activist students who survived the mass shooting in a Florida high school last week are asking for a fresh ban on assault weapons.

On Tuesday Donald Trump offered a ban on the bump stock gun accessory linked to the Las Vegas shooting last year and a new law to enforce background check laws that are already on the books.

That's not everything the President is proposing, but it is enough to accomplish the Guardian's purpose of getting the pro-gun-control crowd all riled up.

Not surprisingly, Fox News does a better job of covering the president's proposals. What President Trump proposes does not mimic the anti-gun forces, so expect opposition.

President Trump on Thursday floated the possibility of paying teachers a “bonus” to carry concealed firearms, stressing the importance of school security even as he calls for strengthening gun laws in the wake of the Parkland mass shooting.

The president, earlier in the day, had tweeted that arming “20% of teachers” would help stop a “savage sicko” trying to open fire at a school. He elaborated on the idea Thursday afternoon during a White House listening session focused on school safety with local officials.

He said only those with “aptitude” should be carrying weapons, and pitched an incentive program.

“What I’d recommend doing is the people that do carry, we give them a bonus, we give them a little bit of a bonus,” Trump said.

He again said that if 20 percent of teachers had guns, “you won't have these shootings, because these people are cowards.”

There is a lot of good sense in that.

You are not going to get rid of guns regardless of legislation. Some will fall into the hands of those who wish to commit crimes. That is the price you pay for freedom. And it is a fact of life.

You reduce the incentive for committing crimes such as we saw in Florida by increasing the likelihood the perpetrator will get shot. As it is now, unless the police are present, anyone gaining entry to a school can shoot the place up using the weapon of choice with no risk of being shot and killed. The President is correct — schools must be protected.

Liberals have a problem in that they wish to create a utopia via legislation and regulation. But the world doesn't work like that. Evil is very present and cannot be legislated away.

Wickedness such as we've seen at these school shootings must be met by opposing force on site and immediately. Evil must be defeated from a position of strength as much as some might wish otherwise.

Risk-free opportunities to attack students and faculty in our schools must become a thing of the past.

Source: Free Beacon

Source: The Guardian

Source: Fox News



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