Federal Judge Rules Unlicenced Pets are Contraband, Can Be Killed

The City of Detroit has filed a motion to kill the case filed on behalf of Nikita Smith and Kevin Thomas claiming their 4th amendments rights were violated when officers shot their dogs for being unlicensed.

According to the lawsuit (detailed in a recent Metro Timescover story), Smith argued the police executed her dogs without giving her a chance to put them away. Police say they shot the dogs in self-defense. One of the dogs was in a basement, and another was in a bathroom, behind a door.

This violates the 4th amendment,

Generally, pet dogs are considered personal property and unreasonable seizure (in this case, killing) is in violation of the Fourth Amendment. But according to the motion to dismiss, filed last week in The U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan, the city of Detroit says since the dogs were unlicensed they are considered contraband and therefore not protected property. (Of course, it would have impossible for the police to know at that time whether or not the dogs were licensed at the time of the shooting.)

Unlicensed dogs are no considered contraband in the U.S. What will it be next? But, in the meantime, unless you want to see little Skippy looking not quite so skippy, you best submit to Uncle Sam and fork over a few more of your hard-earned dollars.

Source: Metro Times




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