Federal Bureau Of Prisons Caves To Sharia Law

Prisoners get no pork products in 2016.  The new menu includes numerous options: “hamburger, baked chicken, fish tacos, spaghetti, hummus, and chicken fried rice and tofu fried rice” but pork is banned and it appears religion may play a part.

Residents of the Tarrant County Jail haven’t been served any pork products since Dee Anderson became sheriff 15 years ago, said spokesman Terry Grisham.

“In our contract with respective food vendors we express that there will be no pork products served,” Grisham said. “Simply, it just makes it easier so we don’t violate any medical or religious diets of any kind.”

One finds it ironic that the worry of violating a religious diet would even be a issue when the criminals behind those bars violated much more than a food preference.  Catering to the wants of a criminal, due to his or her religion, though those standards are already in place, is preposterous.

If we are going to remove pork, because of expense, as Bureau of Prisons spokesman Ed Ross claims, why not just take it back to “a crust of bread and a glass of water”?

The bacon ban looks hinky and makes one wonder if Sharia standards are being applied to prison life.

Source: Star Telegram

Photo: Digital Archaeology






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