FBI Offering $5,000 Reward For ‘Bacon Hate Crime’

FBI Offering $5,000 Reward For ‘Bacon Hate Crime’

Police are currently searching for a Las Vegas resident who showed up at one of the local mosques and put bacon all over the door handles. Sadly, this story has garnered national attention because of the media's obsession with things that offend people, and when Muslims become offended at something, it doesn't take long for the federal government to get involved.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has classified what logical people would call a harmless prank as a hate crime and are now looking to prosecute the individual responsible for committing it. That might sound crazy, but to Muslims, it's blasphemous to touch or eat pork products. However, they didn't seem to have problems removing the bacon from the doorhandles. You can watch it all take place in the videos below, as security cameras catch it all on tape on the next page.

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