FBI Offering $5,000 Reward For ‘Bacon Hate Crime’

bacon hate crime



In the last video, a Muslim, who may or may not even worship at that particular mosque, makes cries of outrage and offense at the incident, even going as far as saying, “What if he was armed?”

Well, what if hundreds of concert goers in Paris were unarmed and some Muslim shooters came in and started opening fire, or what if somebody who practiced Islam opened fire on a Christmas party in California? How dare they make those comments. At least there's no loss of life from a little bacon on the doorhandles.

Now, the FBI is even offering a reward:

LAS VEGAS (AP) — The FBI is offering a $5,000 reward for information that helps them find the person who put raw bacon on the door handles of a Las Vegas mosque.

The FBI said in a statement Wednesday that agents are trying to find the man seen in a surveillance video putting the meat on the entrances of the Masjid-e-Tawheed mosque. Authorities call it a desecration of the Islamic worship center.

The Quran, the holy book of Islam, prohibits Muslims from eating pork, and pigs have been used to taunt or offend Muslims.

Source: Yahoo!



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