FBI Caught Infiltrating and Posing as Militiamen at Amory

New Information on Government Activities in Harney County

There is no question that the government is determined to clear the protesting ranchers out of the area. While it is hoped that can be done without violence, the government is applying tremendous pressure against the ranchers, and bringing in the heavy guns to bring this to an end.

The efforts to evict the ranchers has been performed mostly local law enforcement, but when Chief Bryles saw two strangers in town, he stopped and asked them questions. They claimed they were interested in setting up a business, but Bryles pointed out that he saw them visiting the city armory where weapons and materiel is stored. They also lied about where they had been, and denied they visited the armory.

Bryles reported his interaction and was told to butt out by the sheriff, but he also took down the men's license plate and called it in. The information he got back suggested a much more sinister reason the men were in town, and may lead to a more violent end to the standoff. Chief Bryles exposes that information at the 8:30 mark of the attached video.




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