Famous Physicist Admits on CBS That Weather Modification is Real

A famous theoretical physicist, Michio Kaku accidentally admitted the government can modify or control the weather on CBS this week.

While to most Americans, talk of ‘weather modification' will still be met with a look of ‘you're crazy' bewilderment, those who know that weather modification patents have been around for nearly 100 years and weather modification programs have long been 100% proven by even state governor's and the former head of the CIA will find great interest in the first video below from CBS News featuring Michio Kaku discussing the ‘controlling of the weather'.

While Kaku and CBS are clearly speaking of weather modification while in the ‘gatekeeper role', hurricane's Harvey and Irma have awoken thousands of Americans to weather warfare over the past several weeks with possibly 3 more tropical systems barrelling towards the East coast within the next several weeks. With Hurricane Jose now setting its eye upon the New York and New Jersey areas according to latest reports, and ‘hurricane season' not over for several more months, the ‘fun' may just be beginning for America.

As stated above, talk of the government interfering with the weather is not new. The High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) program already proved the government had an interest in learning about weather interference. But, according to Dr. Kaku, it isn’t just hypothetical “research”.

Here are some of the other ways the weather can be modified:

Modifying storm clouds to increase rain totals and suppress hail is a practice seldom, if ever, used in South Dakota.

But that’s not the case for the state’s neighbor to the north. Seven western North Dakota counties are part of a weather modification program.

Cloud seeding is the process of using airplanes that “seed” storm clouds by releasing silver iodide into them during cloud formation, said James Telken, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Aberdeen. He spent time working with North Dakota’s weather modification program last summer.

Cloud seeding can bring out the rain in arid regions, which is crucial for agriculture. Proponents might say the process gives more bang for the buck than the average storm cloud.

Silver iodide is a chemical that speeds up the formation of precipitation, causing rain to fall from the cloud more quickly, Telken said.

“You get a 5 to 10 percent increase in rainfall,” he said.

Telken said cloud seeding also helps reduce hail by up to 40 percent. Seeding causes hail to gain weight and fall before getting larger in higher altitudes.

“We try to get to thunderstorms before they form, which is hard to do,” Telken said. “Once you see cumulus clouds start to tower, which is an indication a storm is about to form, what we do is launch airplanes up there and they fly to that location and they’ll fly next to it, but they’ll fly in the inflow area. Then they start releasing the chemical into it. Then it would take the chemical into the cloud as it’s forming. We try to make the hail fall before it gets too big.”

Telken said the silver iodide speeds the precipitation process.

The Federal Aviation Administration already admits they modify the weather. But, that it's to help fight global warming and over-population. The word they use for it is “cloud seeding” – using scientific technology to enhance a cloud or storm's ability to create precipitation. They claim that hypothetically down the road during a global warming “drought” we well welcome extreme rainfall as seen with Hurricane Harvey. Not that they had anything to do with it. Just an example of all the rainfall that can happen from a mega-storm.

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Here is the video of Dr Kaku on CBS,

Source: All News Pipeline





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