Families of Sandy Hook Victims Sue Remington for ‘Causing’ the Shooting

Sexual assault and harassment claims are important to look into, but they can also be blown out of proportion at the drop of a hat to benefit the deep state’s agenda.

All the talk about the recent shootings and the leftists attempt to pull a full out gun grab have drifted down to a quiet trickle in light of the recent allegations pouring out about Roy Moore, and about every other guy in America.

We’ve known for some time now that the big idea behind all of these false flag shootings was to create a fraudulent legal platform to grab guns by claiming the families of shooting victims have a right to demand the type of gun used to murder their family members be outlawed.

The legal argument for this prosperous attack on our 2nd amendment rights is already in place, and the “families” of the Sandy Hook victims are having their day in court right now as we speak.

Layers representing the families are claiming that the gun maker and the NRA “courted” the shooter into using their guns to commit a mass shooting!

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