Exposed: Cruz Delegates Squashed Initiative to Restore the Colorado Primary

Exposed: Cruz Delegates Squashed Initiative to Restore the Colorado Primary

Almost a year ago, four Colorado Republican Senators killed an initiative that would restore the presidential primary in 2016.  Since 2003, Colorado has used a caucus process to nominate the presidential candidate.  By cancelling the presidential primary, the state saved an estimated $2.2 million, but why would four Republicans choose to squash this initiative, sponsored by one of their own?

The initiative, introduced to restore the primary system, as reported by the Denver Post said, “Under the bill, Colorado would have held a presidential primary in March that ran parallel with the state’s complicated caucus system… when it came before the Senate Appropriations Committee, four Republicans voted to kill the bill with three Democrats supporting it.”

Sen. Kevin Grantham, who sponsored the bill, then voted against it.  He is also a Cruz delegate.

The shenanigans in Colorado demonstrate the dirty business that is politics.  Truth and Action report:

This election cycle has been a particularly odd one, and the front runner for the Republican party is outsider and non-politician Donald Trump. That is not to say that Trump has been above his own set of dirty tricks, he has masterfully played the press, his opposition, and the public. One does not become a wealthy developer in New York City without gaining skills in the rough and tumble of business and negotiating.

One of the main reasons that Trump has gained traction is that Mr. Average Citizen is sick and tired of the games and cronyism that Establishment Republicans have been playing for years, leaving the average citizen in the lurch and keeping Wall Street and their political friends in the money. So it seems that finally average Republicans will have a say in who runs the show. But wait, not so fast!

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