Experts Warn Iran Is “Blackmailing” US Over Nuclear Deal

Experts Warn Iran Is “Blackmailing” US Over Nuclear Deal

The Iranians are no longer just laughing at us for ever thinking they would live up to the terms of President Obama's nuclear deal: they have moved on to outright extorting concessions from the administration.

In fact, it appears that the only people who continue to take the deal seriously work in the White House, with experts reporting that it is granting Iran economic aid and assistance that go far beyond what the terms of the agreement require.

Testifying about the administration's desperate attempts to appease their Iranian counterparts before Congress, Foundation for Defense of Democracies executive director Mark Dubowitz warns that Iran is virtually “blackmailing” the US into becoming it's “trade promotion and business development authority.”

The effect of these new conciliatory policies is nothing less than the legitimization of the Islamic Republic of Iran, a theocratic regime that oppresses it's people, supports terrorists, and regularly threatens Israel with destruction and death.

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