Experts Warn Iran Is “Blackmailing” US Over Nuclear Deal

The administration's caving into the Iranian regime's demands that it actively assist it's financial sector is just the tip of the iceberg in Obama's push to elevate the nation to the status of responsible international player. Per the terms of the deal, the US must try to roll back sanctions and divestment campaigns against Iran, giving the country access to even more resources to pursue it's dangerous agenda:

“In another instance of the administration going beyond its commitments under the nuclear deal, senior officials, including Secretary of State John Kerry, have begun touring Europe to encourage business with Iran.

The nuclear deal requires the United States to not negatively interfere with legal Iranian business pursuits. However, it does not require the administration to advocate internationally on the regime’s behalf, according to Dubowitz.

‘There is a big difference, however, between not interfering with the normalization of trade and commercial relations and actively advocating for banks and companies to enter the Iranian market,' he said in his testimony.

Omri Ceren, managing director of The Israel Project, which has worked closely with Congress on the Iran issue, told the Free Beacon that the administration is expected to make further concessions to Iran.

‘No one is really surprised that the Iranians are blackmailing the United States for ever-more concessions,' Ceren said. ‘That was inevitable.'

‘What’s striking, even to policy analysts who closely track the Iran debate, is how no one on any side is bothering to keep up pretenses,' he added. ‘The Iranians threatened to walk away from the nuclear deal unless they got more relief, and so Secretary Kerry and his colleagues launched global tours to drum up business for Tehran, even though U.S. law forbids Americans from facilitating overseas transactions for Iran.'”

Source: Free Beacon



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