Establishment Republicans Plot Major Amnesty Bill with Democrats

The DREAM Act might still become law, despite the fact that Republicans now control both houses of Congress. Establishment Republicans are teaming up with Democrats in order to write legislation that would grant hundred of thousands of illegal aliens amnesty, according to reports.

Note that Breitbart called Sen. Durbin a Republican with that R beside his name, Durbin is a Democrat.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Sen. Dick Durbin (R-IL) are working on a replica version of the Obama-era “DREAM Act,” according to McClatchy, which has long been supported by Democrats and the Republican establishment.

When asked about working with Graham on resurrecting the amnesty legislation, Graham responded “We’re working on it. We’ll see.”

Under the legislation, the hundreds of thousands of young illegal aliens currently being protected by the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, created by former President Obama, would be given legal status and potentially a pathway to citizenship.

Center for Immigration Studies Director Mark Krikorian told Breitbart Texas that if amnesty is being considered for the young illegal aliens, often referred to as DREAMers, then cutting down legal immigration levels should also be on the table.

“We’re talking about three-quarters of a million people included in this,” Krikorian said. “There’s got to be a legal immigration offset. The DREAM Act on its own is simply indefensible.”

The scariest thing about this legislation might be the fact that it's bipartisan. With enough Democrat and Republican votes, Donald Trump's potential veto would be all but useless. If that happens, the left guarantees themselves thousands of new liberal voters.

Source: Breitbart

Image: Center for American Progress Action Fund



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