EPA hiding behind Contractor in CO Toxic Minewater Spill

The Daily Caller reports further:

ER contractors reportedly caused a massive wastewater spill from the Gold King Mine in southern Colorado last week as directed by the EPA. EPA-supervised workers breached a debris dam while using heavy equipment and unleashed 3 million gallons of highly toxic wastewater into Cement Creek. The toxic plume eventually reached the Animas River where it’s been able to spread even further, forcing Colorado and New Mexico to declare a state of emergency.

The EPA has not taken any real responsibility for the spill. Officials on the ground are generally dismissing the incredible damage they caused. There is no actual plan offered to remedy the situation. Local officials and Native Americans are furious with the EPA over planning and causing the spill, and have not ruled out legal action to make sure the agency remains accountable.

“No agency could be more upset about the incident happening, and more dedicated in doing our job to get this right,” EPA Chief Administrator Gina McCarthy said in a press conference in Durango, Colorado Wednesday. “We couldn’t be more sorry. Our mission is to protect human health and the environment. We will hold ourselves to a higher standard than anyone else.”

The entire article is here.

Please note that she did not get within miles of the river and only came out days later for a photo op. If BP or any other firm had simply said “sorry”, would that be accepted? The EPA, run by Obama cronies who caused this mess, need to massively compensate the people and areas involved.


Photo: Roy Luck on Flickr



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