EPA Has Been Building a Small Army

EPA Has Been Building a Small Army

Environmental Protection Agency needs body armor?  The EPA  has long been a target of the patriot class, whose goals are the downsizing of wasteful government agencies.  The EPA is, of course, one of those wasteful government agencies American could do without.

The EPA is in it's own words “..charged with protecting human health and the environment, by writing and enforcing regulations based on laws passed by Congress”.

So why would the EPA need over 200 “special agents” armed with weaponry, and a 75 million dollar budget?  Just who are they going after-the Mexican drug cartels on the border?  The report indicated over the past few years, the EPA has “guns, body armor, weaponized drones, amphibious assault ships, night-vision gear and other military-style weapons.”

And don't forget those “special agents”.  Seems the EPA is adding to the already trend of government agencies manning itself for some type of mass confrontation.

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