Entitled Migrants: When Do I Get My Car and House?

As migrants flee from war in Europe, many seek more than just asylum.

“I realize that most of them with unrealistic ideas and expectations when they come here. They often ask me: ‘When will I get my house and my car?’” asylum coordinator Isabell Sittner told the newspaper.

In mid-October Syrian migrants filed a case against the state government in Berlin demanding immediate access to shelter and benefits.

Germany is struggling to process the flood of migrants and has proposed establishing transit zones on its borders.

In St. Kanzian in the Austrian state of Carinthia, illegals engaged in a hunger strike and demanded the state give them 2,000 euros each a month, according to a report posted on Unzensuriert.at, an Austrian web portal.

Christian Ragger, the chairman of the Carinthian Freedom Party, said the migrants have misconceptions about Austria and Germany.

In 2012 Germany’s Constitutional Court ruled asylum seekers are entitled to receive the same level of benefits as the country’s welfare recipients.

Such is further proof that incentivizing immigrants to flood your borders only boosts their sense of entitlement once they arrive.

Source: Info Wars
Photo: EadaoinFlynn / Flickr.



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