Energy Dept: Smashing Pumpkins is Causing Climate Change

Fear not, if you're an avid Halloween pumpkin carver, the Energy Department has a solution for you. They want you to convert your pumpkin into energy.

What’s a Halloween-loving pumpkin carver to do?

Turn that pumpkin in to … energy?

Municipal solid waste can be used to harness bioenergy, the Energy Department says, which can help the U.S. become less dependent on carbon-based fuels while limiting stress on landfills by reducing waste. The agency has partnered with industry to develop and test two integrated biorefineries — “facilities capable of efficiently converting plant and waste material into affordable biofuels, biopower and other products.”

While that sounds nice in theory, they forgot to mention a few details. Neither of these two biorefineries is operational yet, and the science behind it hasn't exactly been reliable. Knowing this, why bother making an announcement like this if not just to scare people into falling for more climate change theory? Don't let a fear of global warming ruin your Halloween traditions.





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