Dutch Couple Attacked for Eating Ham on their Pizza

Presumed radical Islamists attacked a dutch couple this week, apparently because they ordered their pizza with ham.

The attack took place outside a pizza restaurant in Silkeborg, where a 24-year-old woman and her boyfriend sat while eating a pizza.

The perpetrator took one of her pieces of pizza and threw it on the ground, which developed into a scuffle, and soon after the perpetrator got help from a group of friends who ganged up on the couple and attacked them with several punches and kicks.

Midtjyllands Avis writes that the young couple were asked if there was pork on their pizza, which they answered yes to. And it was apparently what triggered the brawl.

“Suddenly a young man of other ethnic origin rushed towards the young woman and hit her in the head, so that she has subsequently lost the hearing on one ear. Right now we do not know whether it is a permanent hearing damage! He then takes a stranglehold on her and shouting that she sure as hell should not eat pork on her pizza,” writes the mother of the young man in a post on Facebook that the newspaper has seen.

The young man responsible for the attack has yet to be captured — but police are on the lookout for a person describe only as an “ethnic origin other than Danish.” But the event speaks to his belief and background fairly clearly.

Source: Speisa




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