Donald Trump vs Virtually Every Force in U.S. and Global Politics

Donald Trump vs Virtually Every Force in U.S. and Global Politics

If you’re a Trump supporter and you’ve been on planet Earth for more than a couple of months, you are aware of the nearly insurmountable uphill battle it’s been for the President to go even one day without 400 negative reports, ads, stories or celebrities mouthing off about him or his family.  Increasingly, the push has been about him personally and his son, Donald Junior, and son-in-law, Jared Kushner.  Regardless, the colossal weight of an openly hostile media, Congress, and Swampland Establishmentariat, together have managed to make every inch of ground that the Trump administration has gained a hard-fought one.  A deep, well-worn path from Congress and the intelligence offices in the Swamp directly to the fake news press corps has been established as well, as the torrent of leaks has increased ten-fold.  Even his own party for the most part is as unresponsive as a dead fish, preferring to watch in silence from the sidelines as the president founders slowly, unable to push forward through the sludge of the Swamp.

We should not be surprised at this outcome.  We should feel heartened to know that we actually have a chance to reverse a tiny portion of the damage that these politicians (both Right and Left) have done to this great country before they are able to club Trump in the back of the head with impeachment.  At least we have an advocate in their who has the chutzpah to forge on even when it’s clear that there is a titan of corruption against him and his policies.

The players of this massive assault have been aligning for years, but have only coalesced recently in light of the election.  But strange bedfellows have indeed been established and it would not be a complete surprise to find John McCain under the sheets in a threesome with Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton (with Mika and Joe taking notes).

All of these players have names, but there are now so many of these creatures lurking under every oily, putrid stone in the Swamp that it’s absolutely impossible to out them all.  Mike Allen and Jonathan Swan at Axios have put together a list of those anti-Trump, anti-American forces that are now aligning into one gargantuan, mountainous phalanx of opponents with banners that read, “Death to Trump!” and are chanting, “We won’t go!  Status quo!” all while flipping the bird to America.  Read on the following page how truly massive these forces are and how daunting a task it will be to pry this 23T-ton tick off the buttocks of our nation.

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