Donald Trump vs Virtually Every Force in U.S. and Global Politics

Trump is on his way to simultaneously become perhaps the most loved and hated president of all time.  To be sure, there are plenty of presidents who qualify for that moniker, but it is no exaggeration to say that this president, Donald J. Trump, is hated by far more of his own government than any other president.  Even Franklin Delano Roosevelt who broke the mold and served four consecutive terms while the war was going on, all against the will of the people, was more popular than Trump.  Why?  Well, at least FDR had the sole support of the Democrats whose majority lived in both the House and the Senate throughout his entire four terms in office.  In fact, it only took a bare two years with the election of another Democrat president, Harry Truman, to have the Congress turned over to the Republicans (we won't talk about how they only got it for two years before another landslide in Truman's second term turned Congress back to blue again).

Regardless, while Trump enjoys a Red Congress and a Red Governorship and a Red Legislative Seating across the nation, that's only on paper.  Years from now, we will look back in the history books and say, “Wow, Trump had the entire government at his fingertips.  It's a wonder that he didn't change the world.”  Of course, the reality is that, while his victory certainly precipitated the maintaining of Congress by the Republicans, he has zero support from those same politicians that benefited from his election prowess.  For them, he was a Republican wrecking ball, a Liberal-Slayer of unprecedented power who sent the Leftist snowflakes running off in tears, and cleared the way for their ultimate globalist agenda.  The McCains, McConnells, Ryans, Pelosis, Harrises, Waterses, Schumers, etc., were lined up in opposition to the American people long before they were lined up against Trump and that was the small obstacle that they faced in Trump and his administration.

With Liberal push-back so vociferous, RINOs suddenly and gleefully realized that they wouldn't have to expend a single ounce of energy in getting rid of Trump and his low-brow tweeting.  All they would have to do is lay back and watch as the Regressives did all the work.  So far, it's been an enormous success.  Operation Save the Swamp, coupled with Operation Do-Nothing GOP, have been instrument in ensuring that the head that Kathy Griffin so happily served up would be on a silver platter for the Party of the Jackass with a garnish of good old-fashioned revenge.

President Trump increasingly feels (and knows) that he's fighting virtually every force in U.S. and global politics — even those who initially wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt or seem friendly.

The only people truly on his side are the 40 percent of voters who continue to cheer his middle finger to the powerful.

All those forces — basically permanent Washington, plus crucial world leaders — are deeply suspicious of Trump, and see an increasing duty to thwart him for moral or practical reasons.

“What goes around, comes around,” said one of Washington's Republican pillars. “He was very critical of each of those groups. So why are they going to go to the man for him? He has done so many things outside the norms of behavior.”

While I do agree to a certain point with all these assessments above, I believe there is a hidden 15%-20% of the population who did not vote that is also indebted to Trump for his stance against the Swamp Establishmentariat.  I cannot believe that only those who got out to the polls and voted for him last November were the only people who felt that the Swamp needed draining.  If the intensity by those who were outspoken about their support of Trump was this great, there is no reason in the world to believe that they were alone.  There are so many college-aged kids who are vocal supporters of the Right, but never take a moment to move away from their PlayStations and XBoxes, or put down their phones and stop playing Pokémon Go, to get out to the polls.  These are ones who will grow out of their electronic addictions (when the real world of bills and taxes and kids comes knocking on the door) and get involved in the political process.  The surge will be tremendous.

There's been a huge swing in the barometric pressure for these groups:

CEOs, many of whom whom engaged with this White House over the opposition of employees and shareholders, face increasingly intense resistance to oppose him.

Outside of the Saudis, the Poles and Putin, very few world leaders want to get his back or offer cover.

Most elected Republicans in town would privately prefer a President Pence. When push comes to shove, they may not protect Trump.
Indeed, their natural impulse will be to throw him overboard.

Finally, there's M & M: Bob Mueller and big media, all combing through every meeting, business deal, and foreign contact by Trump and his staff.

The CEOs mentioned here, I believe, will not abandon Trump.  They are as committed to the draining of the Swamp as his core supporters who are the unwashed masses and find solidarity with them.  For perhaps the first time in a long time, the Swamp Establishmentariat does not own Corporate America.

As for the world leaders, who cares.  Just because Angela Merkel or Justin Trudeau would prefer to kneel at the altar of the Anointed One, Barack Hussein Obama, doesn't mean a damned thing.  Did their resistance to Trump exiting the Paris Accords result in sanctions?  Did the fact that he called them out for not being good neighbors because they weren't paying their fair share in NATO?  Liberals are all about “fair share,” aren't they?  Why Schumer didn't praise Trump for that comment only speaks volumes about the hypocrisy on the Left.  The only world leaders whose opinion counts are those that are onboard the anti-Left train, as far as I'm concerned.

On congressional Republicans, from Jonathan Swan:

For the moment, they'll stay quiet and muscle through because they want their tax reform, and they need a Republican president to sign it. But when [stuff] really hits the fan he'll have very little goodwill on the Hill to back him up.”

Trump burned so much goodwill when he trashed the House health care bill as ‘mean' after lobbying the hell out of them and celebrating with them in Rose Garden. That was a really profound moment — that he'd throw them under bus so casually on a piece of legislation that were already so leery about supporting.”

Be smart: Trump increasingly questions the loyalty of everyone, including his own staff and personal lawyer. Every day, it feels like the walls are closing in and it's unclear who to trust.

As much as it pains me to say, it appears that this is exactly right.  Trump has burned a lot of bridges…despite the fact that he is absolutely right on the issues.  America has never been closer to toppling the Swamp Establishmentariat than it is now and that is the reason this fight is so fierce.  These RINOs are as dangerous as cornered wolverines right now and there are such a multitude of them embedded in the government at every level who have been living the Leftist life while pretending (or even believing) that they are the man/woman of the People that they loathe someone like Trump who is shining a big, fat magnifying glass on them and exposing them for what they are.  Sunlight may be the best disinfectant.

But Shadows follow us wherever we go.

Source:  Axios



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