Donald Trump Jr. Bitten by Political Bug, May Be Eyeing Future Bid for NY Governor

As a political novice, the younger Trump made a positive impression on political observers, showing a natural ability to speak effectively as a campaign surrogate before large audiences.

Clearly, one of the most emotional moments of the Republican Convention came when Don Jr. announced the New York delegate total that put his father over the top to secure the presidential nomination.

His featured speech was well received, with some pundits terming it a “barnburner.”

He also proved an accomplished spokesperson appearing in many media interviews on behalf of his father’s campaign.

Speaking with friends recently at the F6 Labs gun club in Hicksville, New York, Trump Jr. revealed his interest in politics, which some of those in attendance shared with the media.

Don Jr. said he is interested in running for office, such as governor of New York, but the position of mayor of New York would be less interesting to him.”

Trump Jr. confided that campaigning with his father opened up a whole new world for him.

Do I want to be behind the scenes and be a mouthpiece and fight back against crazy liberal media? Maybe. Going back to doing deals is boring after 18 months. The politics bug bit me.”

In terms of timing, Don Jr. was less forthcoming. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is up for re-election in 2018, which many see as a precursor for a presidential run in 2020. Cuomo has pushed for tighter regulation of firearms.

As avid outdoorsman and gun rights champion, young Trump would obviously build a strong base of support in the Empire State among gun advocates.

At the gun club appearance, he emphasized he would oppose any measure to restrict the Second Amendment and will push for state reciprocity laws, which allow guns under permit to be carried from state to state.

Among those in the audience were Nassau County Acting Police Commissioner Thomas Krumpter, vodka company owner Marty Silver, lawyer and lobbyist Brad Gerstman, and restauranteur Chris Tsarsi.

A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, Trump Jr. is married and the father of five children. He generally spends weekends in the Catskill Mountains hunting, fishing and shooting with his family.

When news of his political talk surfaced, media sought comment from The Trump Organization. Sources tend to downplay the speculation.

Don [Jr.] has no intentions of running for political office at this time. … [He] is totally focused on running The Trump Organization with his brother.”

Brother Eric also was a familiar sight on the campaign trail, along with sisters Ivanka and Tiffany. At this time, there’s no indication Eric shares his brother’s political interest.

Speculation continues to swirl that failed Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton may run for the mayor of New York City. One can only imagine the fireworks that would ensue if those two both secured their prospective offices.

Source: Page Six

Photo: Gage Skidmore




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