Dollar Family Store Kicks Out Woman for Wearing a Hijab

Dollar Family Store Kicks Out Woman for Wearing a Hijab

No shoes, no shirt, no service, or in the case of a store in Indiana, no hijab if you want service. Dollar Family store refused service to a woman wearing the Muslim niqab and a hijab.  The manager told the woman, due to crime in the area,  she needed to remove her face covering or she must leave.  She also informed her that should she not leave, she would call the police.

Sarah Safi videoed the exchange, telling the clerk that in America she has freedom of religion and speech that protects her against discrimination.

The concern regarding crime is a legitimate. Recently, a store in Dearborn, Michigan was robbed by three women wearing burqas and hiding their loot under their robes.

Just outside of Dearborn, Michigan, a city with a population of 98,000 and 30% of that being Muslim, three burqa clad women walked into a supermarket and shoplifted.  Their religious clothing became an accessory to their crime, as their burqa could easily hide what it was that they were stealing.

The women were all immigrants and one was a Syrian refugee. They were caught on video surveillance in the store and later apprehended by the cops.  Not only did these women shoplift, taking food from the grocery store, but two of them allegedly sold their EBT cards a few blocks from the store.

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