DOJ Forces “Implicit Bias” Training to Destigmatize Black Criminals

DOJ Forces “Implicit Bias” Training to Destigmatize Black Criminals

Obama's Justice Department is now requiring tens of thousands of federal agents and prosecutors into “implicit bias” training programs. What does that mean? Agents will be forced through a program meant to minimize the bias toward black men committing crimes.

This is so fascinatingly backward it could only come from Obama.

Liberals will be quick to point out that black men are over-represented in prison and over-represented in police-related shootings. They'll conveniently leave out that they're also over-represented when it comes to the number of crimes they commit.

It is an undeniable fact: Black men simply commit more crimes than their counterparts.

Somehow, holding them accountable for their crimes has become unacceptable. Instead, federal agents and prosecutors are being told that these statistics aren't facts, but a symptom of racism.

See how may people are being subjected to Obama's fabrication of facts in the report on the next page:

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